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Introduction to the TechniTrader Student Online Campus

This is an exclusive website for TechniTrader students only. It provides an array of additional trading support services that are continually updated. Take the Methodology Essentials Trading Course to Become a TechniTrader Student today!

TechniTrader Student Reviews:

There is no other training available that provides the depth of support, guidance, mentoring, student training sessions, online wiki additional resources, and online classes. To read reviews about TechniTrader and our staff, written by our students: Click Here

Who is a TechniTrader Student?

Anyone who has purchased one of the Methodology Essential Courses, Standard, Premier, OR Elite in its entirety or one of the Methodology Essentials Specialty Editions.

You receive "Student Status" at the time of purchase and receive access to the student online campus when you begin phase 2, the implementation part of the course. See Course Page for more Info. Upon completion of your course you receive a TechniTrader "Certificate of Completion" signed by Martha Stokes CMT.

To Enroll, visit www.technitrader.com and watch a Peek Inside Video of the course of your choice and then read the course Outline Syllabus. When you are ready, give us a call to discuss which course is right for you.

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What is New Student Support?

New Student Support Package is included with each Methodology Essentials course. Student Support is the most comprehensive you will find anywhere with a variety of formats that make it easier for you to learn and to start your trading career with consistent success. 

This includes answers to every question, guidance during your implementation phase, and personal attention. 

The support is tailored to your goals, previous education, experience, and trading style. With our guidance and help you will learn a complete trading process that customized to how you want to trade. Your trading tools can be adjusted as needed. To find out more about Student Support Packages that come with each course. 

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About TechniTrader

TechniTrader is an educational company that has more than 45 courses on trading, investing, relational technical analysis, and much more. We do not sell anything but education. 

TechniTrader has been helping the retail trader and investor learn how to be consistently successful trading or investing since 1998. Our student base is worldwide, but we take an entirely different approach to educating our students. We do not have any affiliates or franchises.

You are always working directly with us. Our courses are all registered copyrighted and contain proprietary methods that are taught nowhere else. For more information about our credentials, our founders, course outlines, special events, reviews and more visit www.technitrader.com

If you are not a TechniTrader Student: 

Visit TechniTrader.com, check out our courses, watch a Video about the course you are interested in, then read the course syllabus which is a complete, detailed course outline. When you are ready to enroll and become a TechniTrader Student call us at 888.846.5577 or Email: info@technitrader.com